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Question 1
Robin is such a mule, no one could make her join the Book Club.

What does the metaphor such a mule mean in the above statement?
A. Hard workingB. Lives in a farm
C. Very stubbornD. Lazy
Question 2
We were discussing the issue with my manager when Harris thundered into the room.

What does the metaphor "thundered" mean in the above statement?
A. Come in happilyB. Come in angrily
C. Come in quicklyD. Come in slowly
Question 3
We would have had more pie to eat if Amber hadn't been such a hog.

Which two objects are being compared in the above statement?
A. Hog and PieB. Pie and Amber
C. Pie and SodaD. Amber and Hog
Question 4
It was a great concert. Those rocking performances blew me away.

What does the metaphor blew me away mean in the above statement?
A. BoringB. Too long
C. OverwhelmingD. Too loud
Question 5
Mom hugged Josh and said, "You are my sunshine."

Which two objects are being compared in the above statement?
A. Josh and SunshineB. Sunshine and Moon
C. Mom and SunshineD. Hug and Sunshine
Question 6
The National Democratic Party marked a landslide victory in 2003 elections.

What does the metaphor landslide victory mean in the above statement?
A. A huge lossB. A victory with a small margin of votes
C. A great victoryD. The downward sliding of a relatively dry mass of earth and rock
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Question 7
Tipsy is the apple of her father's eye.

What does the metaphor "apple of her father's eye" mean?
A. Tipsy loves an apple.B. Tipsy is not loved by her dad.
C. Tipsy's dad loves her very much.D. Tipsy's eyes are as big as an apple.
Question 8
His colleagues are united in their opinion that Jeffery is a lion-hearted person.

What does the metaphor lion-hearted mean in the above statement?
A. Very CowardB. Very intelligent
C. Very cleverD. Very brave
Question 9
I loved the dress Lily was wearing last night. She sure has a great taste in fashion.

What does the metaphor a great taste mean in the above statement??
A. She does not know fashion.B. She loves eating out.
C. She knows how to pick out nice clothes.D. She works at a clothing store.
Question 10
I have been working on this project for last 12 hours. I am dead tired right now.

What does the metaphor dead tired mean?
A. DeadB. Very sick
C. Very tiredD. Not too tired
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