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Question 1
Anne has a ______ personality.
A. likenessB. likable
C. likedD. likes
Question 2
______, the bus arrived five minutes late that day.
A. LuckedB. Lucks
C. LuckyD. Luckily
Question 3
Jacob was not ______ with the working environment.
A. comfortingB. comfortable
C. comfortedD. comfortably
Question 4
My parents sent me to the city for higher ______ .
A. educatedB. educates
C. educationD. educational
Question 5
Nancy could not hide her ______ when I told her the good news.
A. excitedB. excites
C. excitingD. excitement
Question 6
She is very focused and ______ in her work.
A. thoughtfulB. thoughtfully
C. thoughtfulnessD. none of the above
Question 7
I felt ______ and unable to protect the sick dog.
A. helpedB. helplessly
C. helpingD. helpless
Question 8
Their ______ grew stronger through the years.
A. friendlyB. friendship
C. friendedD. friending
Question 9
I loved those ______ autumn leaves.
A. colorfulB. colorfully
C. colorfulnessD. coloring
Question 10
My trip to Alaska was very ______ .
A. excitementB. excites
C. excitingD. excited
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