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Question 1
I would like to ______ a blue coat to the party.
A. wereB. where
C. wearD. we're
Question 2
The children ______ arguing over a puzzle.
A. wearB. were
C. whereD. we're
Question 3
______ is my history book?
A. WereB. Wear
C. WhoD. Where
Question 4
They were washing ______ car.
A. theirB. there
C. they'reD. that
Question 5
______ are two reasons why I like jogging in the morning.
A. TheirB. There
C. ThisD. They're
Question 6
They found ______ lost cat in City Park.
A. theirB. there
C. they'reD. those
Question 7
I was ______ tired to go shopping with her.
A. toB. two
C. tooD. there
Question 8
I don't think ______ coming tonight.
A. theB. there
C. theirD. they're
Question 9
Rita and Karen left ______ bags at my home.
A. they'reB. there
C. themD. their
Question 10
My friends ______ enjoying the roller coaster ride, but I was scared.
A. whereB. wear
C. wereD. when
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