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Question 1
I enjoy listening to loud music.
A. NounB. Verb
C. AdjectiveD. Pronoun
Question 2
It seemed difficult for Mrs. Miller to take care of four pets.
A. PronounB. Noun
C. AdjectiveD. Verb
Question 3
Natalie grew tired of the constant interference from the owner.
A. PronounB. Verb
C. AdjectiveD. Noun
Question 4
"How is Billy? I haven't seen him for some time now!"
A. PronounB. Verb
C. AdjectiveD. Noun
Question 5
He lived very happily with his family for years.
A. VerbB. Adjective
C. PronounD. Adverb
Question 6
They didn't seem to like the spicy noodles.
A. VerbB. Pronoun
C. AdjectiveD. Noun
Question 7
Those are probably the fanciest shoes in the store.
A. AdjectiveB. Pronoun
C. VerbD. Noun
Question 8
My friend and I like to sit together in the school bus.
A. VerbB. Pronoun
C. AdjectiveD. Noun
Question 9
Please leave the book on your desk.
A. PronounB. Adjective
C. VerbD. Noun
Question 10
Marcus was trying to help me with the project.
A. PronounB. Noun
C. AdjectiveD. Verb
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