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Question 1
Young elephants must learn how to draw water up their trunks and pour it into their mouths.
A. waterB. trunks
C. young elephantsD. mouth
Question 2
John couldn't attend the 8'o'clock meeting. He was stuck in traffic.
A. meetingB. John
C. trafficD. none of the above
Question 3
Most sharks do not chew their food, but gulp it down whole in large pieces.
A. foodB. chew
C. waterD. sharks
Question 4
James sent an invitation to Amy and Alex. They happily accepted it.
A. Amy and AlexB. Amy and James
C. invitationD. James
Question 5
Polar bears have a thick layer of fat under their skin that helps keep them warm.
A. polar bearB. thick layer of fat
C. legsD. helps
Question 6
The girl who won the competition studied in Japan.
A. competitionB. Japan
C. girlD. won
Question 7
The dress that Kyla bought has a stain on the collar.
A. KylaB. dress
C. collarD. stain
Question 8
Charlie saw a girl at the park. She was playing with her dog.
A. CharlieB. dog
C. parkD. girl
Question 9
Troy and Mike said to the cop, "the car parked behind the store is ours."
A. copB. car
C. Troy and copD. Troy and Mike
Question 10
The apple pie was so delicious that everyone wanted one more piece of it.
A. everyoneB. piece
C. apple pieD. delicious
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