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Question 1
The company has decided to give ______ employees a salary raise this year.
A. hersB. its
C. theirsD. yours
Question 2
This is not our car. ______ is a Toyota Camry.
A. usB. your
C. theirD. ours
Question 3
This bus is not _______ it's _______.
A. they, thatB. our, himself
C. my, themD. ours, theirs
Question 4
Somebody's car is parked on the sidewalk. Is it _____?
A. himB. she
C. hersD. you
Question 5
This luggage belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Miller, it's ______.
A. theirsB. they
C. themD. that
Question 6
Dad said to Victor, "it belongs to you, it's _______."
A. yourB. yours
C. myD. you
Question 7
The farmhouse belongs to me and my wife, it's _______.
A. usB. ourselves
C. weD. ours
Question 8
This BMW belongs to my uncle, it's ______.
A. heB. his
C. himD. they
Question 9
This pen belongs to me, it's ______.
A. myB. I
C. mineD. me
Question 10
Caleb has eaten his chocolate already, but I'm saving _____ until later.
A. mineB. me
C. myselfD. them
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