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Question 1
An irrational number can not be expressed as a __________.
A. DecimalB. 
C. FractionD. Negative number
Question 2
Which of the following numbers is sometimes called Pythagoras's constant?
A. 1B. 3
C. 2D. 3.14
Question 3
Find the correct statement out of the following options.
A. In decimal form irrational numbers repeats.B. In decimal form irrational numbers terminate.
C. In decimal form irrational numbers either repeat or terminate.D. In decimal form irrational numbers do not repeat or terminate.
Question 4
Which of the following is not a rational number?
A. -1B. 3
C. 0D. 3.6
Question 5
Which of the following is an irrational number?
A. 0.12357...B. 3.14
C. -1/9D. -1
Question 6
Which of the following term describes 36?
A. Rational numberB. Irrational number
C. Whole numberD. Real number
Question 7
Which term describes ¾?
A. A whole numberB. Prime number
C. Rational numberD. Irrational number
Question 8
1 can be expressed as a _________.
A. Natural numberB. Fractional number
C. Irrational numberD. Composite number
Question 9
Is 3π2/2 a Rational Number?
A. YesB. No
C. Depends on π2D. Only in positive forms
Question 10
π is actually a non-ending decimal and is ____________.
A. An irrational numberB. A rational number
C. A terminating decimal numberD. A prime number
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