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Question 1
Not able to move quickly.

____ ow
A. JlB. Sl
C. NlD. Tf
Question 2
The blossom of a plant or a colorful part of a plant.

____ ower
A. HlB. Ol
C. AlD. Fl
Question 3
A hollow sphere representing Earth.

____ obe
A. FlB. Dl
C. GlD. Cl
Question 4
To open and close the eye.

____ ink
A. BlB. Tl
C. JlD. Kl
Question 5
You use this to drink water or juice.

____ ass
A. DlB. Hl
C. NlD. Gl
Question 6
A person who acts in circus.

____ own
A. QlB. Cl
C. AlD. Rl
Question 7
To move in the air using wings.

____ y
A. RlB. Fl
C. TlD. Hl
Question 8
It shows you time.

____ ock
A. KlB. Ml
C. GlD. Cl
Question 9
To take rest.

____ eep
A. SlB. Yl
C. KlD. Fl
Question 10
It keeps you warm in winter.

____ anket
A. TlB. Gl
C. BlD. Sl
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