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Question 1
Which of these is neither a prime nor a composite number?
A. 3B. 0
C. 2D. 1
Question 2
Which of the following numbers is the lowest prime number?
A. 0B. 3.14
C. 2D. 3
Question 3
Which is a rational number?
A. 25.22B. −.007
C. −132D. all of the above
Question 4
Sum of a rational number and irrational number is ____________ number.
A. a rationalB. an irrational
C. a nonD. an infinite
Question 5
Which is the lowest whole number?
A. 1B. 10
C. 2D. 0
Question 6
Identify the irrational number.
A. 891.37B. 102.820903851178897100
C. 0.8333...D. 0.636363
Question 7
Which statement is correct?
A. π is a natural numberB. π is a prime number
C. π is a rational numberD. π is an irrational number
Question 8
What is the set of positive numbers, '0' and negative numbers called?
A. Rational numbersB. Irrational numbers
C. IntegersD. Natural numbers
Question 9
Which number is neither positive nor negative?
A. 0B. 10
C. 2D. 1
Question 10
Which numbers in decimal form do not repeat in a pattern or terminate? (They go forever infinity)
A. Natural numbersB. Rational numbers
C. Whole numbersD. Irrational numbers
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