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Question 1
There are two _______ playing in the backyard.
A. puppysB. puppies
C. puppyiesD. puppy
Question 2
The room was decorated with ________ flowers.
A. beautyfulB. beautyed
C. beautifulD. beautier
Question 3
I was ________ a large box of books and a bag full of supplies.
A. carryingB. carryd
C. carringD. carrier
Question 4
Larry ______ Brenda on July 25, 1999.
A. marrysB. marryied
C. marrydD. married
Question 5
You could see the _________ on his face when he received the birthday present.
A. happynessB. happiness
C. happyfulD. happying
Question 6
Mary _______ the guitar while Jamie sang.
A. plaedB. playyed
C. playedD. plaied
Question 7
I have many other ________ besides singing.
A. hobbyiesB. hobbies
C. hobbysD. hobbing
Question 8
The cat was ________ to climb on the apple tree.
A. tryedB. tring
C. tryesD. trying
Question 9
I _______ watching the children dancing.
A. enjoyedB. enjoed
C. enjoyerD. enjoyful
Question 10
Camilla is the _________ among all her sisters.
A. prettystB. prettied
C. prettyiestD. prettiest
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