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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
A family of Hawks lived on an island in a lake not far from the great forest. On the northern shore of this lake lived a Lion, King of Beasts. On the eastern shore lived a Kingfisher. On the southern shore of the lake lived a Turtle.
"Have you many friends near here?" the Mother Hawk asked the Father Hawk.
"No, not one in this part of the forest," he said.
"You must find some friends. We must have some one who can help us if ever we are in danger, or in trouble," said the Mother Hawk.
"With whom shall I make friends?" asked the Father Hawk.
Question 1
In the story who is referred as the "King of Beasts"?
A. HawkB. Tiger
C. LionD. Turtle
Question 2
Where did the family of Hawks live?
A. in the great forestB. on the northern shore of the lake
C. on the eastern shore of the lakeD. on an island in a lake
Question 3
Who lived on the eastern shore of the lake?
A. KingfisherB. Turtle
C. LionD. Father Hawk
Question 4
Why did mother Hawk want to have friends?
A. because friends could play with themB. because friends could get them food if they are sick
C. because friends could give them shelterD. because friends could help them if they are in danger
Question 5
Where did the Turtle live?
A. on the eastern shoreB. on the southern shore
C. on the northern shoreD. on the western shore
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
Once there was a bad boy named Tom. The older he grew, the wiser he thought himself. He played tricks on many people. So, no one in the town liked him.
One day he asked his grandmother for some money. She had plenty, but she would not give him any. So that evening Tom went to the meadow and caught grandmother's black cow. He took the cow to an empty house, kept her there for three days. He used to give the cow food and water at night when nobody would see him going and coming.
Tom told his grandmother that some one had stolen the cow. This was a great sorrow to her. At last she told Tom to buy her another cow at a fair in a neighboring town. She gave him three pounds to buy a cow.
Question 6
Why did no one like Tom?
A. because he was bossyB. because he used to fight with other children
C. because he didn't listen to his teachersD. because he played tricks on people
Question 7
Who did Tom ask for money?
A. neighborsB. mother
C. grandmotherD. teacher
Question 8
Why do you think grandmother didn't give Tom any money?
A. because she didn't have any moneyB. because she didn't trust Tom
C. because she had to go to the bank to get itD. because Tom had already stolen all her money
Question 9
Why did Tom give food and water to the cow only at night?
A. because no one could see him coming and going in the nightB. because he had to work in the meadows during day
C. because he had to go to school during dayD. because grandmother asked him to do so
Question 10
How much money did the grandmother give Tom to buy a cow?
A. three dollarsB. two pesos
C. three poundsD. three euros
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