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Question 1
An Octopus can change colour to match his surroundings and can even change the texture of his skin to further camouflage himself.

A. FantasyB. Fact
C. OpinionD. None of the above
Question 2
Suddenly the yellow carpet jumps from the wall and flies off into the air. "What is happening?" wondered Violet. A loud voice comes from the carpet.
A. OpinionB. Fact
C. FantasyD. Could be fact or fantasy
Question 3
Mr. Bradford said last week in a lecture about the importance of exercise in our life: "Exercise helps us in so many ways, our talent, our minds, and our ability to deal with daily problems."
A. FactB. Fantasy
C. OpinionD. None of the above
Question 4
Japan's national flag is called the Hinomaru. The flag has a red circle against a white background. This red circle symbolizes the rising sun.
A. FantasyB. Fact
C. OpinionD. none of the above
Question 5
During the day, the little fairy enjoyed herself in the warm sunshine, flew from flower to flower, and danced on the wings of the flying butterflies.
A. FactB. Opinion
C. FantasyD. Fact and Fantasy
Question 6
It rarely snows in Antarctica. Instead, wind storms blow snow off the surface of the ice which creates the impression of snow storms.
A. FactB. Opinion
C. FantasyD. None of the above
Question 7
Tommy believed that crocodiles are evil, mean and malicious creatures. They are always waiting to attack humans.
A. FactB. Fantasy
C. Fact and OpinionD. Opinion
Question 8
One day, rain fell. The drops went through the snowy covering down into the earth, touched the flower-bulb, and talked of the bright world above.
A. OpinionB. Fantasy
C. FactD. None of the above
Question 9
The CN Tower consists of several substructures. The main portion of the Tower is a hollow concrete hexagonal pillar containing the elevators, stairwells, and power and plumbing connections. On top of this is a 102 meters metal broadcast antenna, carrying TV and radio signals.
A. OpinionB. Fact and Fantasy
C. FantasyD. Fact
Question 10
The villagers believed that if you ever drink the water from the black river, you will never get sick in your life.
A. FactB. Fantasy
C. Fact and OpinionD. Opinion
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