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Phil roused himself for a moment.

"We're still going," he muttered, realizing that the train was in motion. Then he dropped off to sleep again. When next he awakened, it was broad daylight. Although he did not know it until after he had struck a match and looked at his watch.

"Eight O'clock in the morning," he exclaimed. "My, how I must have slept, and on such a bed!"

Phil was lame and sore from the cramped position in which he had been obliged to lie all night on the floor. But he was just as cheerful as if he had awakened in his own berth on sleeper number eleven on the Sparling train. He began to feel hungry, though. He went to the dining car and tapped on the door. There was no response, so he rapped again, this time with more force. Still failing to get anyone to open the door, Phil delivered a series of resounding kicks against the door.

"If no one answers that I'll know there is nobody here and I'll see if I can't break the door down." Phil said.

There was someone there, however, as was made plain a moment later, when the door was thrown suddenly open revealing the grinning face of Sully, the owner of the show.

"Morning," greeted Phil. "I thought maybe breakfast was being served in the dining car, and I didn't want to miss it."

"You're a cheerful idiot, aren't you?" Sully said.

"So I have been told. But what about that breakfast?"

"How do you know you are going to get any breakfast?"

"Because I smelled it a few minutes ago."

"That's my breakfast that your keen nose scented, young man."

"Well, I guess I can stand it for once."

Sully was forced to smile at his young captive's good nature. So he took Phil by the arm and led him to the wash room, where the showman remained until Phil had completed his preparations for breakfast. Then Sully led the way to a compartment at the rear of the dining car where a small table had been set.

"This looks good to me," grinned Phil, rubbing his palms together. "You live high in this outfit, don't you?"

"I hope I am not depriving you of your meal?" questioned Phil, glancing up quickly.

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Question 1
Phil was traveling in a _________.
A. CarB. Train
C. BusD. Airplane
Question 2
Where was Phil sleeping?
A. In his car's seatB. In his bed
C. On the floorD. Inside a tent
Question 3
Why did Phil strike the match?
A. To lit the lamp.B. To lit the candle.
C. To read the book he was carrying.D. To see time in his watch.
Question 4
How did Phil feel physically when he woke-up in the morning?
A. Sore and lameB. Energetic
C. SickD. Excited
Question 5
Why did Phil feel sore and lame in the morning?
A. because he was sick all night.B. because he slept on the floor all night.
C. because he was hungry all night.D. because the compartment was noisy.
Question 6
What was Phil's condition when he woke-up?
A. Angry and headacheB. Cheerful but hungry
C. Sad and hungryD. Feeling funny
Question 7
What could make Phil unhappy?
A. Sleeping moreB. Talking too much
C. Not getting the breakfastD. Getting up late
Question 8
Why did Phil tap the door of dining car?
A. He needed medicineB. He was bored.
C. He was hungry.D. He wanted to talk to Sully.
Question 9
What was the last thing Phil did to get into the dining car?
A. He kicked the door multiple times.B. He scratched the door multiple times.
C. He begged to open the door.D. He started crying.
Question 10
Where did Sully take Phil to eat breakfast?
A. In a compartment at the rear of the dining room.B. In a compartment at the rear of the dining car.
C. In his sleeper car.D. In the cafe.
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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