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Question 1
As a rule of thumb, you need two cups of water for each ounce of cake mix.
A. Far awayB. Approximately
C. For good cookingD. Accurately
Question 2
President and its opposition party strike a deal on health care issues but still disagree on everything else.
A. DisagreeB. Have fun
C. Come to an agreementD. Avoid helping
Question 3
The new boss often turn a blind eye to bad behavior in our office.
A. Deliberately praise someoneB. Deliberately ignore something
C. Be angryD. Be calm
Question 4
If not many people are watching the new play, the drama company will pull the plug on the play.
A. Prevent an activity from continuingB. Help an activity
C. Fund more moneyD. Burn it down
Question 5
Management decided a month ago to close this plant. However, employees were left in the dark. They learned about it at the last moment.
A. Make funB. Disclose incorrect information
C. Tell lieD. Not give the necessary information
Question 6
Knock on wood; I have been driving this car for last ten years without any problem.
A. Hope that good luck will continueB. Bad omen
C. Hope that no one will succeedD. Very cool
Question 7
Jenny is promoted because she is always ready to go the extra mile to solve the problems.
A. To be a lazy personB. Enjoy a job
C. To put extra effortD. Bored at job
Question 8
If this effort fails, we will have to go back to square one and start with a new strategy to win.
A. Finish a jobB. Returned to the end
C. Earn a degreeD. Returned to the beginning
Question 9
Thousands of dollars will go down the drain if we do not fix the problem and stop the oil leak.
A. WastedB. Fairly used
C. AcquiredD. Collected
Question 10
The positive changes he made in the state legislature are already bearing fruit.
A. Redefine lawB. Produce successful results
C. Eat fruitsD. End up in failure
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