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Question 1
Party,  Circus,  Ride
A. Ride,  Circus,  PartyB. Party,  Circus,  Ride
C. Circus,  Ride,  PartyD. Circus,  Party,  Ride
Question 2
Human, Mermaid, Creature
A. Creature,  Mermaid,  HumanB. Creature,  Human,  Mermaid
C. Mermaid,  Creature,  HumanD. Human,  Creature,  Mermaid
Question 3
Voice,  Sound,  Whisper
A. Voice,  Whisper,  SoundB. Whisper,  Sound,  Voice
C. Sound,  Voice,  WhisperD. Sound,  Whisper,  Voice
Question 4
Turtle,  Octopus,  Dolphin
A. Dolphin,   Octopus,  TurtleB. Octopus,  Dolphin,  Turtle
C. Dolphin,  Turtle,  OctopusD. Turtle,  Dolphin,  Octopus
Question 5
Cucumber,  Lettuce,  Artichoke
A. Cucumber,  Lettuce,  Artichoke,B. Cucumber,  Artichoke,  Lettuce,
C. Artichoke,  Cucumber,  Lettuce,D. Lettuce,  Cucumber,  Artichoke,
Question 6
Purse,  Necklace,  Bracelet
A. Purse,  Bracelet,  Necklace,B. Bracelet,  Necklace,  Purse
C. Necklace,  Purse,  Bracelet,D. Bracelet,  Purse,  Necklace
Question 7
Mirror,  Painting,  Curtain
A. Curtain,  Mirror,   PaintingB. Painting,  Curtain,  Mirror
C. Mirror,  Painting,  CurtainD. Curtain,  Painting,  Mirror
Question 8
Father,  Brother,  Daughter
A. Brother,  Father,  DaughterB. Father,  Brother,  Daughter
C. Daughter,  Brother,  FatherD. Brother,  Daughter,  Father
Question 9
Excited,  Joyful,  Happy
A. Joyful,  Happy,  Excited,B. Excited,  Joyful,  Happy
C. Happy,  Excited,  JoyfulD. Excited,  Happy,  Joyful
Question 10
Storm,  Thunder,  Dark
A. Storm,  Thunder,  DarkB. Dark,  Storm,  Thunder
C. Dark,  Thunder,  StormD. Thunder,  Storm,  Dark
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