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Question 1
The ________ eats acorns.
A. AntB. Squirrel
C. LionD. Deer
Question 2
_________ females carry its newborn in a pouch on the front of their abdomens.
A. DeerB. Elephant
C. KangarooD. Dog
Question 3
The ________ is the largest animal that lives on land.
A. CatB. Crocodile
C. BearD. Elephant
Question 4
________ is the fastest animal on Land.
A. CheetahB. Whale
C. LionD. Cow
Question 5
_______ has the most powerful jaws on the planet.
A. CatB. Shark
C. SquirrelD. Parrot
Question 6
A ______ is a bird with black and white feathers.
A. DogB. Frog
C. AntD. Penguin
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Question 7
A _______ can live under water and on land.
A. ButterflyB. Turtle
C. ParrotD. Lizard
Question 8
A _______ is the most popular pet in America.
A. ElephantB. Lizard
C. DogD. Rabbit
Question 9
______ like to eat plants and grasses.
A. DeerB. Dog
C. CatD. Lion
Question 10
An _______ have eight arms and lives on the sea floor.
A. WhaleB. Ostrich
C. CrocodileD. Octopus
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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