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Question 1
It was a warm afternoon. I was sweating. I went ________ with my brother.
A. Snow tubingB. Skiing
C. SwimmingD. None of the above
Question 2
Mom baked a Chocolate Cake for my birthday party. It was delicious. My friends and I ________ it a lot.
A. enjoyedB. played
C. sangD. danced
Question 3
My brother Reid broke my Airplane. I showed it to my dad. Dad ________ it.
A. brokeB. fixed
C. goingD. entered
Question 4
My grandfather Harry brought a huge pumpkin from his farm. It was very heavy. I couldn't ______ it.
A. lifeB. make
C. getD. move
Question 5
I like making crafts. Jason makes crafts too. His crafts are ________ than mine.
A. likesB. play
C. betterD. rest
Question 6
Today is my first day of school. I am very excited. I can't wait to _______ the school bus.
A. playB. stop
C. funD. ride
Question 7
My aunt bought me a doll on my fifth birthday. Jill and I loved _______ with it.
A. cookingB. stopping
C. playingD. helping
Question 8
Penguins don't fly. Penguins swim. They ______ their wings like paddles for swimming.
A. runB. cut
C. againD. use
Question 9
We went camping last week. Dad and I collected woods for the campfire. Mom ________ put up the tent.
A. helpedB. hunt
C. grewD. talked
Question 10
When it is hot, elephants like to get into water. They use their trunks to ________ water on their bodies.
A. singB. spray
C. parkD. start
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