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Question 1
The wall was made of stone.
A. spongeB. fabric
C. woodD. rock
Question 2
His behavior was bad today.
A. terribleB. joyful
C. pleasantD. polite
Question 3
Claire belongs to a wealthy family.
A. largeB. poor
C. richD. simple
Question 4
I saw a huge wild turkey in the middle of the road.
A. tinyB. giant
C. darkD. skinny
Question 5
Everyone in the town knew how brave Prince Bogarro was.
A. courageousB. coward
C. angryD. awful
Question 6
The little boy was very shy and polite.
A. outgoingB. happy
C. naughtyD. quiet
Question 7
I like reading brief stories.
A. bigB. long
C. smallD. many
Question 8
Once there lived a clever fox in a forest.
A. dumbB. slow
C. lazyD. Intelligent
Question 9
She wiped the floor with a damp cloth.
A. dryB. large
C. wetD. dark
Question 10
Benjamin and Charlie arrived here on Tuesday.
A. leftB. reached
C. awayD. opened
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