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Question 1
Jordan broke her leg.
A. She sang a beautiful song.B. She fell from her bike.
C. She forgot to call me.D. Her mom wasn't home.
Question 2
Amber loves reading books.
A. Brian didn't return her book.B. Amber was late for the library.
C. She goes to library everyday.D. She cooked dinner for us.
Question 3
I had to re-write the permission letter.
A. I missed the school bus.B. I accidentally spilled juice on it.
C. I drank two glasses of water.D. I didn't have enough time.
Question 4
My yard is looking beautiful.
A. I planted flowers in my yard.B. My neighbor's yard is looking nice too.
C. My lawn mower is broken.D. I want to put a fence around my yard.
Question 5
My best friend is moving out of town.
A. My friend gave me a book.B. I feel sad.
C. My friend and I went to library together.D. I like making new friends.
Question 6
Molly can sing this song beautifully.
A. I love music.B. Molly's sister Paula loves dancing.
C. She is taking music lessons.D. She was playing with her dog.
Question 7
I missed the bus.
A. I take the bus to school almost everyday.B. Dad gifted me a new Wall Clock.
C. I felt hungry when I woke up.D. My alarm clock didn't go off this morning.
Question 8
He got good grades this year.
A. He played basketball with me.B. He rides bike every morning.
C. He was excited for his camping trip.D. He worked hard all year.
Question 9
The baby was crying.
A. He said "Hi" to me.B. He has a three year old brother.
C. He was hungry.D. He played with me all day.
Question 10
I bought a toy for my brother.
A. Today is Monday.B. He invited Joshua to his birthday party.
C. My brother loves his pet.D. Today is his birthday.
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