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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
How to fly a kite

1. Check your local weather report to see if conditions are good for kite flying. Look for light to moderate winds. A wind speed of 5 to 15 mph is best for kite flying.
2. Find a large and windy open area free of trees and power lines. Trees and power lines are dangerous for kites and kite owners.
3. Hold the kite in both hands and toss it lightly into the wind until the wind catches it.
4. Alternatively, let out a small length of kite string and, holding the string in your hand, run with the kite behind you until the wind lifts it.
5. Begin letting out string until the kite reaches a height with which you are comfortable.
6. Keep an eye on your kite, as it may come crashing down because of sudden changes in wind. If it dips, run or pull in the string a bit to give it some lift.
7. Bring the kite down by slowly winding the kite string around a kite spool.
8. Reach out and grab the kite before it hits the ground to avoid damaging it.
Question 1
Which of the following areas is perfect for kite flying?
A. Inside a room.B. Area with lots of trees and bushes.
C. Inside a car.D. Area free of trees and power lines.
Question 2
Which of the following should you do before going out to fly the kite?
A. Pick-out the books you want to read.B. Check your body temperature.
C. Check weather.D. Check the color of your kite.
Question 3
Which of the following is NOT good for flying kite?
A. A closed area with ceiling.B. An area with big trees and power lines.
C. A rainy day.D. All of the above
Question 4
What do you do after tossing your kite into the wind?
A. Find a large and windy open area.B. let out a small length of kite string.
C. Bring the kite down.D. Check weather in your area.
Question 5
What should you do when the kite reaches a height with which you are comfortable?
A. Keep eye on the kite.B. Go back to your home.
C. Read your book.D. Cut the kite string and let the kite fly.
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
Instructions to build a Tree House

Step One
Search for a big tree that has a wide trunk that is more than 2 feet in diameter and that has branches that are one to one and half foot in diameter.

Step Two
Purchase wood beams for base and wall structure, wood floorboards, walls and roof, nail, hammer, joist hangers, window and door frame and measuring tape.

Step Three
Tie base support beams between trees or branches. Secure base beams using 20-inch nails.

Step Four
Put in floorboards over base beams. Use joist hangers to tie these together.

Step Five
Frame walls and nail to sub floor. Check to make sure walls are square and adjust if needed.

Step Six
Cut and install roof rafters. Then install roof board and tar paper. Install window and door frame. Enjoy your tree house.

Question 6
What kind of tree do you need to make a Tree House?
A. Tree that has a narrow trunk.B. Tree that has no branches.
C. Tree that is too small.D. Tree that has a wide trunk.
Question 7
Which of the following do you need to make the base and wall of a Tree House?
A. Wood beamsB. Metal rods
C. Large leavesD. Card board
Question 8
Which of the following is NOT needed to build a Tree House?
A. HammerB. Shovel
C. Measuring tapeD. Nails
Question 9
Which of the following will you do last when making a Tree House?
A. Purchase wood beams, nails, and hammerB. Search for a big tree
C. Install roof raftersD. Put in floorboards over base beams
Question 10
What do you need to tie the floorboards to the base beams?
A. TapeB. Joist hangers
C. RopeD. Glue
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