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Question 1
I have not decided what kind of car I want to buy. There are so many choices; I cannot make up my mind.
A. Decide what to doB. Decide what not to buy
C. Decide but not tellD. Keep quiet
Question 2
Please keep an eye on those kids playing outside. There are some strangers walking around.
A. Pull someone's eyeB. Able to see far
C. Hear someone constantlyD. Check something regularly
Question 3
Molly asked me to be her friend again. I have no hard feeling towards her anymore.
A. Nice feelingsB. Bitter feelings
C. Think too muchD. Design friendship
Question 4
Global warming is melting icebergs in Antarctica. Sooner or later we will find sea levels rising.
A. Very fastB. Eventually
C. Near oceanD. Away from ocean
Question 5
Stones around the corner could become a problem. But Anne nipped the problem in the bud by removing the sharp stones.
A. To break somethingB. To start something very late
C. To stop something very earlyD. Pick flowers
Question 6
We are ready. We will start running as soon as we get the green light from the coach.
A. Start without permissionB. Work with coach
C. Get the necessary ticketD. Get the necessary permission
Question 7
No one likes him anymore. He played a dirty trick on his own friends and cheated them.
A. A dishonest actionB. Fight someone
C. Honest chatD. Fail to be nice with friends
Question 8
President of the company is under fire for defrauding and collecting illegal funds for personal use.
A. Being praisedB. Being criticized or attacked
C. Walking on fireD. sick
Question 9
Smoking or lighting any flame near a gas station is a recipe for disaster.
A. A cooking recipeB. Plan for success
C. Actions that can result in great recipeD. Actions that can result in great trouble
Question 10
Which company will get a contract to complete this bridge is still up in the air.
A. UndecidedB. Under construction
C. Find a right companyD. Finish something
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