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Question 1
These friendly people are our neighbors.
A. adjectiveB. noun
C. adverbD. verb
Question 2
Jonathan is probably the fastest runner in our school.
A. adverbB. pronoun
C. nounD. adjective
Question 3
She fell on the slippery floor.
A. adjectiveB. adverb
C. pronounD. noun
Question 4
Jasmine picked the baby up in her arms carefully.
A. adjectiveB. noun
C. verbD. adverb
Question 5
That lovely woman sitting on the sofa is my wife.
A. adverbB. adjective
C. nounD. pronoun
Question 6
She answered all my queries confidently.
A. adjectiveB. noun
C. pronounD. adverb
Question 7
Paul walked slowly towards the exit.
A. verbB. noun
C. adverbD. adjective
Question 8
David finally showed up for basketball practice.
A. adjectiveB. pronoun
C. adverbD. noun
Question 9
Cold night made the camping trip even worse.
A. adjectiveB. adverb
C. verbD. pronoun
Question 10
The little boy had high fever and he was breathing heavily.
A. adjectiveB. adverb
C. verbD. noun
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