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Question 1
Mrs. Grimson handed the Report Card to Kelly. Kelly opened it right away. She couldn't believe her eyes. "I made all A's! I can't wait to show this to my mom!" she said. When bus dropped her at the bus stop after school, she ran towards her house. "Mom, I got my report card! Open it!" said Kelly to her mom. Mom opened the report card.

Predict what will happen next.
A. Kelly will cry.B. Mom will be disappointed.
C. Mom will say nothing.D. Mom will be very happy.
Question 2
One day, the Tinny fish and the Minny fish went swimming far ahead of the Smarty fish. The Smarty fish warned them about the danger of fisherman's net and asked them not to go there. Tinny and Minny did not listen to Smarty, and went ahead. They didn't see the fisherman's net and they swam towards it.

Predict what will happen next.
A. Smarty fish will be trapped inside the net.B. The fisherman's net will chase Smarty fish.
C. Tinny fish and Minny fish will be trapped inside the net.D. The fisherman will set the Smarty fish free.
Question 3
The Mother Hawk heard them, and said to her mate: "Sooner or later these hunters will hurt our children. Go and tell our friend the Lion."

At once, the Father Hawk flew to the Lion and told him about the hunters.

The Lion said: "I will come at once. You go back and comfort your wife and the young ones."

Soon the Lion came roaring towards the hunters.

Predict what will happen next.
A. They sat under the tree and waited for the lion to come.B. They ran as fast as they could.
C. They were very excited to see the lion.D. They started playing with the Lion.
Question 4
One day a farmer saw the Dog and said to the Elephant-keeper: "I will buy that Dog. He looks well behaved and smart. How much do you want for the Dog?"
The Elephant-keeper did not care for the Dog, and he did want some money just then.

Predict which of the following will happen next.
A. The dog will drink some water from the lake.B. The Elephant-keeper will sell the Dog to the farmer.
C. The farmer will refuse to buy the Dog.D. The Dog will be thankful to the Elephant-keeper for selling him.
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Question 5
Suddenly the sky began to darken and the wind began to blow. Camilla and Leo started walking even faster. They wanted to get home as soon as possible.

Predict what will happen next.
A. The bright sun will appear.B. Camilla and Leo will be sitting on a park bench and chat.
C. It will rain.D. Camilla will enjoy the sunny day.
Question 6
Lynn had just moved to a new school. She didn't like it. "I don't know anyone here!" said she with a sad face. She started walking towards the classroom and stopped at the door.
Mrs. Smith was asking the class to be quiet, when suddenly she saw Lynn standing at the door.

Predict what will happen next.
A. Mrs. Smith will ask her to come in and introduce her to the class.B. Mrs. Smith will turn her face away and ignore her.
C. Mrs. Smith will tell the class to pack their bag and leave.D. Lynn will be standing at the door all day.
Question 7
"Would you help me making cookies?" asked Bunny to brother Freddy. "Of course! I love making cookies!" replied Freddy. Bunny puts all the ingredients on the kitchen counter. "Oh no! I don't have sugar!" said she. "Don't worry sister! I'm here to help you!" said Freddy.

Predict what will happen next.
A. Freddy will play with his friends outside.B. Freddy will go to the grocery store to buy sugar.
C. Bunny and Freddy will finish all the cookies.D. Bunny will go to the store to buy flour.
Question 8
Sophie was not a very brave girl. She never liked walking in the dark. But today was not her luckiest day. She has to walk back from her friend's house and it was 8 o'clock in the night. While walking alone she saw a very tall figure behind the plum tree.

Predict what will happen next.
A. She was hungry.B. She felt tired and sleepy.
C. She was excited.D. She was scared.
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Question 9
People of George town love to watch football game every Sunday evening. This Sunday there is a match between George town and its rival team. Everyone is waiting for this game for a long time.

Predict what will happen this Sunday.
A. There will be lots of people in the stadium Sunday evening.B. There will be a very few people in the stadium Sunday evening.
C. Some people will be watching a swimming race.D. I will be sleeping on Sunday.
Question 10
Acid is a dangerous liquid. If dropped on skin, it can easily burn the skin. Someone has spilled acid on the floor where people are walking.

Predict what may happen.
A. Someone may get award.B. Someone may get hurt.
C. Someone will be mad.D. No one will get hurt.
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