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Question 1
What is of 80?
A. 32.67B. 25.75
C. 26.72D. 40.23
Question 2
Find the value of k in the following equation.

k% of 30  =  12
A. 20B. 35
C. 45D. 40
Question 3
Steven bought a Motorcycle on a discount of 25%. If the regular price of the bicycle is $4,460 then find the price of the bicycle after the discount.
A. $1,115B. $3,345
C. $2,226D. $4,120
Question 4
What percent is 300 gm of 15 kg?
A. 2%B. 5%
C. 3%D. 4%
Question 5
There are 60% girls in an Elementary School and the rest are boys. If the total number of students is 1,450, then find the number of boys.
A. 680B. 450
C. 480D. 580
Question 6
In a bookrack, there are math and chemistry books. The ratio of math books to chemistry books is 4 : 6. Find the percentage of chemistry books.
A. 40%B. 60%
C. 50%D. 30%
Question 7
Sam borrowed $7,500 from Ted. He paid back with 23% more as interest. Find the amount Sam paid to Ted.
A. $8,031B. $9,805
C. $9,225D. $12,854.68
Question 8
Calculate the simplest interest on $8400 at the rate of 8% for 5 years.
A. $4,360B. $3,390
C. $5,463D. $3,360
Question 9
David bought a watch for $950. After a few days, he found the watch was on sale for $760. How much money could he save if he had waited a few days?
A. 30%B. 20%
C. 40%D. 15%
Question 10
Population of a town increases by 10% annually. What will be the population of the town after two years if it is 2 million now?
A. 3 millionB. 2.2 million
C. 2.42 million D. 5 million
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