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Question 1
24 is 6% of what number?
A. 240B. 400
C. 600D. 260
Question 2
Susan bought one color printer for $95 and two color refill cartridges for $42.50 each. If the sales tax were 7.25%, how much tax would she pay for purchase?
A. $12.75B. $12.70
C. $13.05D. $13.75
Question 3
A computer that usually sells for $856 goes on sale for $630. What is the percent decrease, to the nearest tenth of a percent?
A. 73.6%B. 26.4%
C. 135.5%D. 26.9%
Question 4
Marcus borrowed $3000 for 5 years at simple interest to pay for his car. If Marcus repaid a total of $3,750.00, at what interest rate did he borrow the money?
A. 2%B. 15%
C. 8.5%D. 5%
Question 5
Write 400% as a decimal.
A. 0.4B. 0.04
C. 4.0D. 1.04
Question 6
Find the interest.

Principal = 9,000
Rate = 6.5%
Time in years = 8
A. 1,7307.69B. $4,680
C. $40,680D. $4,680.85
Question 7
Mr. Robinson opened a saving account that earns 3.5% annual interest. He wants to earn at least $315 in interest after 3 years. How much money should he invest in order to earn $315 in interest?
A. $30B. $270
C. $3,500D. $3,000
Question 8
What is 28.5% of 850?
A. 242.25B. 42.25
C. 2,422.5D. 202.25
Question 9
16 is 20% of what number?
A. 80B. 40
C. 32D. 60
Question 10
Sarah now earns $12.50 per hour. This is 125% of what she earned last year. How much did she earn per hour last year?
A. $12B. $8.75
C. $10D. $15
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