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Question 1
A. BreadB. Pizza
C. Ice creamD. Cake
Question 2
A. CakeB. Pizza
C. SaldD. Hamburger
Question 3
A. EggsB. Pasta
C. SaladD. Hamburger
Question 4
A. SaladB. Birthday cake
C. JuiceD. Soup
Question 5
A. Eggs and baconB. Cheese
C. PastaD. Bread
Question 6
A. SoupB. Pizza
C. EggsD. Bread
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Question 7
A. SoupB. Muffin
C. SaladD. Pasta
Question 8
A. BreadB. Spagetti
C. SoupD. Chicken
Question 9
A. SpaghettiB. Corns
C. PizzaD. Cake
Question 10
A. MeatB. Soup
C. VegetablesD. Bread
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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