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Question 1
I was ______ in 1998 in Alabama.
A. nameB. born
C. readD. forget
Question 2
Jacob was happy to ______ me.
A. climbingB. fall
C. songD. see
Question 3
Fall is my ______ time of the year.
A. favoriteB. minute
C. threeD. using
Question 4
Jill's kite is ______ than mine.
A. happyB. bigger
C. funD. sick
Question 5
My mother _____ me stories every night.
A. sleepB. drinks
C. readsD. faster
Question 6
Frogs need both water and land to _____.
A. cimbB. wish
C. carryD. live
Question 7
Anna cannot ______ the heavy box.
A. carryB. crust
C. shortD. inside
Question 8
I sold _____ old bike to Kerry.
A. buyB. asked
C. youD. my
Question 9
I want to _____ a birthday card for my teacher.
A. shakeB. break
C. makeD. measure
Question 10
I didn't ______ my hands yet.
A. thankB. wash
C. downD. lunch
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