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Question 1
My sister Barbara ______ my hair.
A. climbedB. combed
C. calledD. morning
Question 2
I _______ milk in the morning.
A. featherB. duck
C. holesD. drank
Question 3
Mrs. Collins is _______ her garden.
A. wateringB. water
C. drinkD. flower
Question 4
I saw a rabbit _______ behind the maple tree.
A. whiteB. baby
C. hoppingD. big
Question 5
Jason and Susan ______ a sand castle.
A. beautifulB. may
C. smallD. made
Question 6
His dog ______ towards my house.
A. BrianB. ran
C. ragD. mom
Question 7
The driver ______ his horn.
A. carB. window
C. blueD. blew
Question 8
Can I _____ you a book?
A. funnyB. fun
C. readD. red
Question 9
I ______ my hands with soap and water.
A. waspB. washed
C. wallD. fingers
Question 10
Aspen ______ her mom with the dishes.
A. helpedB. bowls
C. platesD. happily
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