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Question 1
Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Kiwi
A. VegetablesB. Flowers
C. FruitsD. Animals
Question 2
Lily, Rose, Daisy, Sunflower
A. FruitsB. Flowers
C. BirdsD. Sea creatures
Question 3
Squid, Eel, Lobster, Crabs
A. Sea creaturesB. Land Creatures
C. Grass eatersD. fabrics
Question 4
Truck, Car, Bus, Motorcycle
A. InsectsB. Family
C. VehiclesD. Jobs
Question 5
Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
A. ColorsB. Foods
C. TreesD. Planets
Question 6
Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis
A. FoodsB. Drinks
C. SportsD. Animals that fly
Question 7
Parrots, Eagle, Crow, Penguin
A. BirdsB. Fruits
C. Sea creaturesD. Books
Question 8
Coat, Gloves, Boots, Sweater
A. Summer clothesB. Drinks
C. CountriesD. Winter clothes
Question 9
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
A. SchoolsB. Seasons
C. OceansD. Foods
Question 10
Chocolate, Cake, Candy, Pie
A. Things those are salty in taste.B. Things those are sweet in taste.
C. Summer clothes.D. Things that grow.
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