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Question 1
Leaves change color to orange and red in _________.
A. WinterB. Fall
C. SummerD. Spring
Question 2
Which of the following is NOT a season?
A. SummerB. Winter
C. StormD. Spring
Question 3
We can build a snowman on a ________________.
A. Rainy dayB. Sunny day
C. Snowy dayD. Everyday
Question 4
Which of these happens in spring?
A. Snow falls.B. Ice melts, plants start to grow.
C. Trees change color to red and orange.D. It gets coldest.
Question 5
We go to beach in ________.
A. WinterB. Fall
C. SummerD. Spring
Question 6
Fall is also known as ____________?
A. AutumnB. Summer
C. SpringD. Winter
Question 7
What does hibernate mean?
A. Animals sleep through the summer.B. Animals go out to hunt.
C. Animals sleep through the winter.D. Animals enjoy playing in water.
Question 8
When do some animals hibernate?
A. FallB. Summer
C. SpringD. Winter
Question 9
When I go out in winter, I put ______ on.
A. ShortsB. Beach sandals
C. T-shirtD. Warm coat
Question 10
Plants get their biggest and have fruits in _________.
A. SummerB. Winter
C. AutumnD. Spring
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