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Question 1
Billy wants to write a letter to his Grandpa. He sits on a chair and gets his pen ready.

What you think will happen next?
A. He will fill the cup with water.B. He will get a plain paper.
C. He will read a book.D. He will call his Grandpa.
Question 2
Nelly was looking outside from her window. "That's Maria! She is walking towards my house!" said Nelly. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ringing.

What you think will happen next?
A. Nelly will sleep.B. Nelly will start crying.
C. Nelly will open the door.D. Nelly will hide.
Question 3
Dad came back from jogging. He was sweating and looking tired. "Toby, I'm very thirsty," said dad.

What you think will happen next?
A. Toby will get a glass of water for his dad.B. Dad will go jogging again.
C. Toby will laugh.D. Toby will read his book.
Question 4
Katie wants to make a dress for her doll.

What will she use?
A. WoodB. Fabric
C. CanD. Box
Question 5
I want to paint my room today. Blue is my favorite color. I know a store that sells paints.

What you think will happen next?
A. I will go to the store to buy milk.B. I will buy a notebook.
C. I will go to the store to buy paint.D. I will go to the library to buy paint.
Question 6
Mr. Joseph bought flower seeds. "Would you like to help me with planting the seeds?" asked dad to Eric. "Of course!" replied Eric.

What will happen next?
A. Dad and Eric will borrow the seeds.B. Dad will buy the seeds.
C. Mr. Joseph will teach Eric how to read.D. Dad and Eric will plant the seeds.
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Question 7
I have to go to Steven's birthday party in the evening. I bought a present for Steven.

What will happen next?
A. I will open the present.B. My brother and I will play with the present.
C. I will return the present.D. I will wrap the present.
Question 8
Sally needs to cut a paper into pieces of four.

What will she use?
A. GlueB. Pen
C. ScissorD. Spoon
Question 9
Lynne is in second grade. She wakes-up at seven every morning. She takes a bath, eats her breakfast, packs her bag and walks to the bus stop.

What do you think Lynne will do next?
A. She will sleep.B. She will go to school.
C. She will clean her room.D. She will go to the doctor.
Question 10
It was Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Burton decided to wash her dirty car. She took her car out of the garage.

What will she use to wash her car?
A. Water and spongeB. Juice and Sponge
C. Water and paperD. Oil and sponge
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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