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Question 1
My father's sister is my ______.
A. BrotherB. Sister
C. AuntD. Mother
Question 2
My father's mother is my ______.
A. GrandfatherB. Grandmother
C. AuntD. Cousin
Question 3
My mother's brother is my ______.
A. AuntB. Sister
C. BrotherD. Uncle
Question 4
My uncle's children are my ______.
A. SistersB. Cousins
C. AuntsD. Parents
Question 5
The people who live next to my house are my ______.
A. FamilyB. Audience
C. NeighborsD. Players
Question 6
My mother's mother is my ______.
A. AuntB. Sister
C. GrandmotherD. Mother
Question 7
I go to the ______ when I am sick.
A. DoctorB. teacher
C. CoachD. Cashier
Question 8
A sick person is also called as ______.
A. NurseB. Patient
C. NerdD. Parent
Question 9
We eat ______ at night.
A. BreakfastB. Lunch
C. SnackD. Supper
Question 10
A vehicle that carries sick people to hospital is called an _________.
A. TrainB. Firetruck
C. AirplaneD. Ambulance
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