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Question 1
This is strong and hard.
A. StudyB. Steep
C. SteelD. Seed
Question 2
This will grow into a plant.
A. WeedB. Need
C. LeafD. Seed
Question 3
I have eight arms and I live in the ocean.
A. DolphinB. Octopus
C. SnakeD. Spider
Question 4
This tells time.
A. ClockB. Crow
C. CandleD. Coke
Question 5
I am bright but you don't see me in the night.
A. MoonB. Soon
C. SunD. Sky
Question 6
This covers a floor.
A. CurtainB. Window
C. StairD. Rug
Question 7
I am long and orange. I grow under the ground.
A. AppleB. Banana
C. TreeD. Carrot
Question 8
Every bike has two.
A. WheelB. White
C. WideD. Wax
Question 9
I can be short or long, straight or curly and I am on your head.
A. HereB. Hair
C. StairD. Napkin
Question 10
I ride on your back. I carry things for you. I go to school with you everyday.
A. HoseB. School bus
C. BackpackD. Road
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