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Question 1
There are seven ______ in a week.
A. waitB. days
C. trayD. fat
Question 2
Howard didn't make any ______.
A. wakeB. ate
C. mistakeD. day
Question 3
Blake didn't ______ for us.
A. lakeB. cake
C. planeD. wait
Question 4
I helped my mom to ______ the cake.
A. flakeB. fail
C. bakeD. tray
Question 5
There were some ______ on the table.
A. grapesB. gray
C. waitD. date
Question 6
There is a ______ behind my house.
A. shakeB. lake
C. ateD. chase
Question 7
Sally saw a big ______ in the bushes.
A. fakeB. fail
C. snakeD. mail
Question 8
The ______ was walking very slow.
A. trayB. wait
C. rainD. snail
Question 9
Have you ever ridden on a ______ ?
A. rainB. cane
C. acheD. train
Question 10
I forgot to pick the ______ today.
A. mailB. rain
C. saleD. wake
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