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Question 1
He is wearing a ________ shirt.
A. grainB. met
C. greenD. get
Question 2
Our ________ won the game last night.
A. teamB. ten
C. teddyD. teen
Question 3
The bowl was made of ________ .
A. stallB. stem
C. needD. steel
Question 4
I couldn't ________ on the floor.
A. eelB. heel
C. peelD. sleep
Question 5
My brother turned ________ today.
A. sleepB. dream
C. thirteenD. clean
Question 6
The________ is very similar to the snake.
A. peelB. eel
C. feedD. sweet
Question 7
I saw a giant beast in my ________ .
A. cleanB. seal
C. feelD. dream
Question 8
Do you ________ my help?
A. feedB. need
C. heelD. wheel
Question 9
Mom asked Emily to ________ the dogs.
A. seedB. peel
C. feedD. dream
Question 10
I have a hole in the ________ of my sock.
A. heelB. eat
C. eelD. feel
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