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Question 1
The baby gave me a big ________.
A. fitB. pin
C. lieD. smile
Question 2
Dad bought Josh a red and green ________.
A. kiteB. lip
C. lineD. mile
Question 3
There was a huge ________ in the cafeteria.
A. pineB. line
C. tireD. night
Question 4
It was a cold and dark ________.
A. whiteB. fight
C. nightD. fist
Question 5
Nicholas has a big ________ tree in his backyard.
A. pitB. pine
C. lightD. kite
Question 6
There are three girls and ________ boys in my group.
A. tenB. write
C. dinosaurD. five
Question 7
Can you ________ me a letter?
A. fiveB. nine
C. writeD. white
Question 8
The Sun was very ________ that day.
A. nightB. bright
C. limeD. line
Question 9
Grandma baked an apple ________ for us.
A. pieB. blind
C. dryD. find
Question 10
I slipped on the ________ and broke my leg.
A. findB. kind
C. nineD. ice
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