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Question 1
The mouse was hiding in his ________.
A. noseB. hose
C. holeD. bone
Question 2
I washed my hands with ________.
A. floatB. soap
C. noD. cold
Question 3
She was shivering and her hands were ________.
A. globeB. nose
C. roseD. cold
Question 4
Anna found two ________ coins in the desert.
A. holeB. fold
C. goldD. moon
Question 5
They crossed the lake by _______.
A. boatB. goat
C. goD. blow
Question 6
Lee didn't ________ his toy boat on the pond.
A. snowB. float
C. biteD. bone
Question 7
My uncle gave me a ________ on my birthday.
A. yellowB. load
C. holeD. globe
Question 8
Mom asked me to wear a warm ________.
A. coldB. coat
C. boatD. toad
Question 9
Who left the front door ________?
A. openB. oat
C. coatD. folder
Question 10
He had a big red ________ and two small eyes.
A. snowB. glow
C. noD. nose
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