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Question 1
I like listening to good _______.
A. tubeB. you
C. musicD. mute
Question 2
You need one _______ to play this game.
A. useB. cube
C. youD. cute
Question 3
The puppies were very _______.
A. tubeB. music
C. fuseD. cute
Question 4
My library book was _____ yesterday.
A. coolB. due
C. fatD. cut
Question 5
We are going on a field trip on _______.
A. TuesdayB. cut
C. muteD. blue
Question 6
Lily wanted the _______ balloon.
A. gooseB. blue
C. paperD. watch
Question 7
Don't you think she was ________?
A. fluB. back
C. boatD. rude
Question 8
Those tools were very _________.
A. doB. cube
C. usefulD. flute
Question 9
Put some _______ on the envelope.
A. useB. fast
C. warmD. glue
Question 10
She had no ________ who took her poster.
A. clueB. flu
C. sunD. cube
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