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Question 1
It's raining cats and dogs today. We will have to cancel our field trip.
A. It's sunny.B. Cats and dogs are playing in the rain.
C. It's raining heavily.D. It's very warm.
Question 2
Samuel lost the project file. It meant we had to start the project from scratch.
A. cancelB. finish
C. findD. beginning
Question 3
Amanda thanked Derek from the bottom of her heart for helping her.
A. unfriendly B. falsely
C. angrilyD. sincerely
Question 4
Everyone in the town knows that Mr. Mathew has a heart of gold.
A. Mr. Mathew is a selfish person.B. Mr. Mathew has lots of gold.
C. Mr. Mathew is a very kind and honest person.D. Mr. Mathew has a heart problem.
Question 5
When Julia won the Best Student of the Year Award, Kristy was green with envy.
A. Kristy was happy.B. Kristy was jealous.
C. Kristy painted her face green.D. Kristy fell sick.
Question 6
Last night Vanessa's outstanding performance swept everyone off their feet.
A. To disappointB. To underestimate
C. To impress greatlyD. To make people angry
Question 7
"How long can I help you with your work?" "Sooner or later you would have to learn to stand on your own two feet."
A. to take responsibilitiesB. to learn how to walk
C. to learn how to talkD. to help someone
Question 8
When Laura said something about her parent's surprise sixtieth anniversary party, she let the cat out of the bag.
A. Laura revealed a secret.B. Laura invited people to the party.
C. Laura didn't tell anyone about the party.D. Laura's cat was hiding inside a bag.
Question 9
I am going to brush up on my computer skills before the job interview.
A. to brush teethB. to review
C. to dress warmlyD. to disappear
Question 10
The population of Somerville city is increasing by leaps and bounds.
A. slowlyB. accidentally
C. similarlyD. rapidly
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