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Question 1
Two angles are complementary angles to each other. If the measure of one of the angles is represented by 2yo, find the measure of its complement angle.
A. 180 + 2yB. 90 − 2y
C. 180 − 2yD. 88y
Question 2
What type of angle will be formed between two hands of a clock at 5:20?
A. ObtuseB. Right
C. AcuteD. None
Question 3
Find the complementary angle of 30º.
A. 60ºB. 90º
C. 150ºD. None
Question 4
Find the supplement of a 100º angle.
A. 180ºB. 80º
C. 90ºD. 60º
Question 5
An ____________ has all angles less than 90o.
A. obtuse angled triangleB. right angled triangle
C. acute angled triangleD. straight angled triangle
Question 6
Which is TRUE about angle ABC and angle CBD?
A. They are adjacent angles.B. They are vertical angles.
C. They are supplementary angles.D. They are obtuse angles.
Question 7
Which of the following statements is correct?
A. All linear pairs are right angles.B. All linear pairs are supplementary angles.
C. All linear pairs are vertically opposite.D. None
Question 8
A triangle has angles measuring 105o and 35o. What is the measure of the triangle's third angle?
A. 49oB. 90o
C. 50oD. 40o
Question 9
In a right-angled triangle, the side opposite the right angle is called __________.
A. Equal B. Homogenous
C. HypotenuseD. Adjacent
Question 10
Find the complementary angle of 72½o.
A. 17½oB. 45½o
C. 52½oD. 32o
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