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Question 1
What type of triangle is shown below?
A. Equilateral triangleB. Isosceles triangle
C. Scalene triangleD. Right triangle
Question 2
What are the pair of angles with a common vertex and a common arm called?
A. Complementary anglesB. Supplementary angles
C. Adjacent anglesD. None
Question 3
The measure of angle A and angle C are?
A. 85º , 65ºB. 180º , 60º
C. 90º , 60ºD. 90º , 90º
Question 4
Find the type of angle, measuring more than 180o and less than 360o?
A. Straight angleB. Reflex angle
C. Right angleD. Obtuse angle
Question 5
Angle k and y are an example of __________ angles.
A. VerticalB. Right
C. AdjacentD. none of the above
Question 6
What type of outer angle is formed by the two hands of a clock at 9 o' clock?
(as shown in picture)
A. Reflex angleB. Straight angle
C. Zero angleD. None
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Question 7
Which of the following set of measures can form a triangle?
A. 65º , 85º , 30ºB. 70º , 90º , 35º
C. 85º , 65º , 45ºD. 80º , 45º , 45º
Question 8
What is a triangle with all three angles less than 90 degrees called?
A. Acute triangleB. Obtuse triangle
C. Right triangleD. Vertical triangle
Question 9
What is the measure of each angle of a square?
A. 30ºB. 90º
C. 60ºD. 45º
Question 10
Angle y and angle x are an example of ____________.
A. Adjacent anglesB. Vertical angles
C. Complementary anglesD. none of the above
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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