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Question 1
The __________ instructions were easy to understand.
A. guide'esB. guide's
C. guides'sD. guide'
Question 2
The ______ bed has two pink pillows and two blue blankets.
A. twin'sB. twins's
C. twin'esD. twins'
Question 3
Jared will drive his _______ car to the trip.
A. uncle'sB. uncles'
C. uncles'sD. uncle'
Question 4
She asked the maid to put her ____________ luggage in the guest room.
A. parents'sB. parent's
C. parents'D. parentes's
Question 5
The ____________ dresses were red and white.
A. cheerleaders'sB. cheerleaderes's
C. cheerleader'D. cheerleaders'
Question 6
The ___________ lunch boxes are on the kitchen counter.
A. childrens'B. childrens's
C. children'sD. children'
Question 7
She left her _______ stroller at the park.
A. babys'sB. babies's
C. babiesD. baby's
Question 8
This ______ sale is more than one million.
A. year'sB. years'
C. years'sD. year'
Question 9
_______ team decided to skip the annual meeting.
A. Mr. Wallaces'B. Mr. Wallace's
C. Mr. Wallace'D. Mr. Wallace'es
Question 10
Those _________ wings had red and yellow dots on them.
A. butterfly'sB. butterflies's
C. butterflies'D. butterflys'
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