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Question 1
Mrs. Lynch cleaned the mess after the party and her students helped her too.
A. teacher, partyB. students, teacher
C. cleaned, partyD. cleaned, helped
Question 2
Elizabeth was alone in the cottage when a little girl knocked on the door.
A. Elizabeth, cottageB. knocked
C. aloneD. door, little girl
Question 3
Alex pulled the flaps and grabbed the bag of white chocolates.
A. pulled, grabbedB. bag, Alex
C. pulled, candiesD. grabbed, Alex
Question 4
Victoria makes a splash whenever she enters a pool.
A. enters, VictoriaB. pool, enters
C. makes, entersD. whenever, makes
Question 5
Bring the milk to a boil, then remove the pan from the heat and cover it.
A. cover, milk, panB. bring, remove, cover
C. remove, cover, panD. heat, cover, milk
Question 6
Willie closed the windows, jumped back into the bed, and pulled the blanket over his head.
A. jumped, pulledB. pulled, bed, Willie
C. windows, jumped, blanketD. closed, jumped, pulled
Question 7
James carried the heaviest load of books.
A. JamesB. carried
C. heaviestD. books
Question 8
Mom threw the old newspapers into the garbage can.
A. threwB. mom
C. old, newspapersD. garbage can
Question 9
As we approached the lake, we saw that the elephants were splashing water on each other.
A. lake, splashingB. elephants, approached
C. approached, saw, splashingD. water, lake
Question 10
Kangaroo females carry newborns in a pouch on the front of their abdomens.
A. KangarooB. abdomens
C. newbornsD. carry
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