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Question 1
The lawyer gave her sound advice.
A. herB. advice
C. gaveD. sound
Question 2
Maryanne didn't hear the announcement.
A. MaryanneB. hear
C. announcementD. didn't
Question 3
The security officer checked our passports and luggage.
A. passportsB. luggage
C. securityD. checked
Question 4
My sister Liam sold her drawing of a princess to Mrs. Riley.
A. LiamB. drawing
C. soldD. Mrs. Riley
Question 5
Our science teacher Mr. Bourke showed us a model of a light bulb.
A. showedB. light bulb
C. science teacherD. model
Question 6
Suddenly, a large piece of wood fell on the ground.
A. groundB. large piece
C. suddenlyD. fell
Question 7
Sally placed the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.
A. AnnaB. placed
C. dirtyD. dishwasher
Question 8
Torrential rain caused flooding and landslides in the state.
A. floodingB. land slides
C. causedD. rain
Question 9
My neighbor Ronaldo helped me with the heavy boxes.
A. heavyB. neighbor
C. myD. helped
Question 10
The divers searched for the sunken treasure all week.
A. sunkenB. searched
C. treasureD. week
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