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Question 1
We go to the Chicago Zoo last year.
A. goesB. will go
C. wentD. was going
Question 2
Last Sunday we plant trees in our backyard.
A. plantsB. planted
C. plantingD. will plant
Question 3
She attend the seminar tomorrow.
A. attendedB. attends
C. was attendingD. will attend
Question 4
Toby call you tomorrow with details about the new project.
A. will callB. called
C. was callingD. calls
Question 5
Did she ever meet Mrs. Joanne?
A. metB. will meet
C. is meetingD. correct as it is
Question 6
Next winter I take my children to a ski resort.
A. tookB. will take
C. takesD. is taking
Question 7
She finally mail the property documents to me.
A. mailsB. is mailing
C. mailedD. correct as it is
Question 8
I visit him in the hospital last night.
A. visitsB. will visit
C. visitingD. visited
Question 9
We leave the party right now.
A. leftB. was leaving
C. were leavingD. are leaving
Question 10
My sister work everyday for six hours.
A. workedB. works
C. workingD. correct as it is
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