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Question 1
Chad was the chairman of our committee.
A. chairmanB. was
C. ChadD. our
Question 2
The apple pie tastes delicious.
A. deliciousB. tastes
C. appleD. none of the above
Question 3
Mr. Coleman is a dentist.
A. isB. Mr. Coleman
C. dentistD. none of the above
Question 4
He grew tired of answering her queries.
A. grewB. her
C. tiredD. queries
Question 5
The people seemed rude and unkind.
A. unkindB. seemed
C. rudeD. and
Question 6
The chocolate brownies smelled wonderful.
A. chocolate browniesB. wonderful
C. smelledD. none of the above
Question 7
The boys appeared confused after the lecture.
A. boysB. confused
C. afterD. appeared
Question 8
Those students are brilliant.
A. studentsB. brilliant
C. ThoseD. are
Question 9
The mystery remained unsolved till today.
A. mysteryB. unsolved
C. remainedD. today
Question 10
My socks felt damp.
A. myB. damp
C. socksD. felt
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