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Question 1
Which option shows personal pronouns?
A. that, these, this, thoseB. who, what, where, which
C. you, she, he, they, we, it, mine, yourD. myself, yourself, herself, ourselves, themselves
Question 2
Which option shows interrogative pronouns?
A. who, what, where, whichB. this, that, these, those
C. him, your, mineD. everybody, anybody, somebody
Question 3
Which option shows demonstrative pronouns?
A. myself, yourself, herself, ourselves, themselvesB. Me, You, Him, Her, Them,
C. neither, none, nobody,D. this, that, these, those
Question 4
Which option shows indefinite pronouns?
A. who, whom, whichB. another, Someone, anyone, some
C. each other, one anotherD. nobody, neither
Question 5
Which option shows reflexive pronouns?
A. myself, himself, herself, yourself, ourselves, themselvesB. Who, Whom, Which, What, Whose
C. These, Those, thisD. Everything, Nothing, Each, someone
Question 6
Which option shows relative pronouns?
A. Theirs, Ours, Its, hersB. I, Me, My, Mine, We, Us
C. Whom, Whoever, WhomeverD. Both, Few, Many, Several
Question 7
Identify the underlined pronoun.

The dancer whom I most admire will perform here tonight.
A. Personal PronounsB. Demonstrative Pronoun
C. Indefinite PronounsD. Relative Pronouns
Question 8
Identify the underlined pronoun.

These girls are not happy with his decision.
A. Indefinite PronounsB. Demonstrative Pronoun
C. Interrogative Pronouns D. Reflexive Pronoun
Question 9
Identify the underlined pronoun.

He himself will address the issues.
A. Demonstrative PronounB. Interrogative Pronouns
C. Personal PronounD. Reflexive Pronoun
Question 10
Identify the underlined pronoun.

Susan left her purse at the restaurant.
A. Relative pronounB. Indefinite pronoun
C. Personal pronounD. Reflexive pronoun
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