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Question 1
This book is _____.
A. herB. hers
C. sheD. us
Question 2
This car belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Collins, it's _______.
A. theirB. them
C. theirsD. that
Question 3
You can't have any cookies! It's all _____!
A. usB. mine
C. ourD. her
Question 4
I sold my chair for $30. He sold _______ for $45.
A. hisB. her
C. himD. they
Question 5
These bracelets are different. ________ has twenty beads, but ________ has only twelve.
A. yours, meB. yours, my
C. yourself, mineD. yours, mine
Question 6
We left _______ crafts on the bus.
A. ourB. ours
C. usD. mine
Question 7
"My phone is not working." "Can I use ______?"
A. yourB. you
C. yoursD. her
Question 8
The Red Honda Accord is _______.
A. myB. ours
C. usD. him
Question 9
This toy truck will not work anymore. ______ tires are broken.
A. hisB. it
C. mineD. its
Question 10
I didn't bring my coat, so I borrowed _______.
A. himB. us
C. itsD. hers
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