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Question 1
Mr. Dilan didn't see _________ suspicious at the hotel.
A. allB. none
C. anythingD. another
Question 2
_______ saw a Black SUV parked behind the bushes.
A. MeB. Someone
C. AnyoneD. Everything
Question 3
_______ of the boys agreed to work on weekend.
A. oneB. anybody
C. TheyD. Paul
Question 4
A _______ of the workers were against the new policies.
A. someoneB. no one
C. eitherD. few
Question 5
________ of the employees has decided to support Mr. Simons.
A. EverybodyB. Nobody
C. EachD. Much
Question 6
I need _______ to help me carry these boxes.
A. yourB. someone
C. everythingD. whom
Question 7
_______ believe that the trial will end by next month.
A. AnyoneB. Either
C. EverythingD. Many
Question 8
There were ________ people at the amusement park, but many left before the show.
A. noneB. someone
C. anyoneD. several
Question 9
I left messages to many of them but ________ came forward to help.
A. eitherB. or
C. noneD. anyone
Question 10
_____ are welcome to attend the New Year Party celebration.
A. AllB. One
C. No oneD. Somebody
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