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Question 1
Derek can swim fast, but Rudy swims __________ .
A. fastedB. fast
C. fasterD. more faster
Question 2
The last quiz was difficult. This one is _________.
A. more easyB. easier
C. easiestD. easily
Question 3
Billy speaks __________ than Alan does.
A. quicklierB. quickliest
C. quickD. more quickly
Question 4
Samuel performed _________ than any other actors on the stage.
A. more goodB. better
C. more betterD. best
Question 5
Of all the workers I know, Ronaldo works the __________.
A. hardestB. harder
C. hardD. most hardest
Question 6
Mr. King is one of _________ people I have ever met.
A. most intelligentB. more intelligent
C. the most intelligentD. a more intelligent
Question 7
Danny drives _________ than Fred does.
A. carefullyB. more carefully
C. carefullierD. most careful
Question 8
On the science quiz, I did the ________ in the class.
A. more badB. worse
C. most badD. worst
Question 9
My kite flew ________ than yours did.
A. farthestB. more far
C. most fartherD. farther
Question 10
David _________ understood the concept than Susan did.
A. more easilyB. easilier
C. most easilyD. easily
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